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At Wesley Chapel Karate for Kids - Adult Martial Arts, & Summer Camp we are on a Mission to Transform Lives!

At Wesley Chapel Karate your family will have one of the greatest experiences possible! We have martial arts classes for every age group. We invite YOU to join us in our ever growing community of families. Our classes are exciting, motivating – fast paced & action packed! Our instructors are professionals and we love what we do. We truly do have something for everyone… keep reading and we’re sure you’ll agree. 

Wesley Chapel Karate - Something for Anyone & Everyone! Mom, guess what our adult fitness class is all about – SHEDDING POUNDS & having fun doing it. With a different theme each week your child will have a blast in our Wesley Chapel Karate Summer Camp. Parents can get in shape and train like a fighter all without ever being hit (come see how)! Looking for a different way for your 4 or 5 year old to burn that energy? Bring them to Wesley Chapel Karate & Martial Arts School! Want to get your pre-teen ready for Middle School? You’ve found the place – at Wesley Chapel Karate After School Program! Would you like to provide an extremely positive and safe social enviroment for your young teen? We’re here for them! And that’s just the beginning. Looking for a unique and FUNTASTIC & SUPER THRILLING birthday party for your child? – We have them right here. Need a Parent’s Night out? – Just drop the kids off! Want to test your skills in a fun and safe Wesley Chapel Karate tournament? – We have a great competition team.  How about doing something crazy like, getting all of the Instructors lined up after class so that the karate kids can blast them with super soakers – hey, you only live once and your kids will be talking about it for weeks!

“I thought it was totally awesome when I was chosen as the most enthusiastic student of the month. The prize was a special party for just me and 12 of my friends! We had pizza, a water wars fight and a video game challenge. First prize was an extremely cool pair of new Nike’s and I won! Second prize was two movie tickets to see the latest Harry Potter; Todd won those and he’s taking me! I love it at Wesley Chapel Karate; we do some really cool things!" - Shawn age 12

All of the students have a great time and at Wesley Chapel Karate we know how to have fun but want you to know that we are also very serious about all of the positive attributes your child will gain through any of our exciting Martial Arts programs.

  1. Respectful kids are successful kids!
  2. Achievement leads to greater self esteem!
  3. Confidence – to keep the bullies at bay!
  4. Self defense – just in case!
  5. Fitness – we don’t want our children overweight –HIGH energy classes!
  6. Leadership – how to face peer pressure & make the RIGHT choices!

Did You Know? Parents, did you know that there is NOT a better way for a child to prepare for any other sport than the flexibility, body control and hand / eye coordination that can be gained from Martial Arts training? Whether your daughter is playing softball and volleyball, your 5 year is starting T-ball or that 235 pound teenager of yours is a star on the High School football team there is NOTHING better than martial arts to supplement your child’s physical skills! Check out what Mr. Saban has to say…

“When you have several huge linemen that can kick over their own heads... now that’s a statement! Hand eye coordination, leverage, body control, PREVENTING INJURIES, hip strength and flexibility are just a few of the benefits my guys have gained and achieved through Karate classes. I’ve had my football players take martial arts lessons back when I was an assistant coach with the Cleveland Browns, while I was at Michigan State & LSU, as head coach of the Miami Dolphins and now at the University of Alabama”   -  Nick Saban

Wesley Chapel Karate classes WILL – prepare you to defend yourself and family, help get you into fantastic shape and all while having the time of your life! As you gain confidence in your abilities, feel yourself gaining strength and knowing that you’re becoming physically fit you’ll be SO happy with your decision to join all of our families at Wesley Chapel Karate! Going to the gym and working out gets boring – but there’s NO down time here. You’ll soon start to see a HUGE boost in your stamina, self confidence and overall sense of well being. Not long after joining us at Wesley Chapel Karate you’ll feel more assured about your ability to protect yourself and your family. Your confidence will SKY - ROCKET as your skill set becomes more apparent.  We have a schedule designed to meet the needs of today’s busy families. Call us to set an appointment for your Introductory Trial Program!

The choice is YOURS – TAKE ACTION and let us help you prepare your kids for LIFE! Call Wesley Chapel Karate right now!

Give us a call RIGHT NOW at 813-777-1414 and one of our friendly team members will give you all of the information on how your family can get started with our Introductory Trial Program!  We want you to see for yourself that this is one of the best decisions that you can make for your family. At Wesley Chapel Karate & Martial Arts School we offer an Introductory Trial Program so that you can be sure that this is the school for you.  We can’t wait to welcome your family to Wesley Chapel Karate School in Wesley Chapel Florida. Call 813-777-1414, you’ll be so happy that you did!

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